Ten Things Students Need to Know Before and After Second Grade

The second grade teachers at Roger Gehring ES compiled the top 10 things we expect our new second graders to have mastered in first grade...


1)      Skip counting by 2, 5 and 10

2)      Add through 9s

3)      Subtract through 9s

4)      Create/describe simple patterns

5)      Tell time to the hour and half hour

6)      Know months and days

7)      Identify odd and even numbers

8)      Ordinal positions

9)      Simple graphing

10)   Identify both 2 and 3 dimensional shapes


Language Arts

1)      Write a complete sentence with proper capitalization, punctuation, and spacing

2)      Identify the character of a story

3)      Identify the main idea of a story

4)      Identify the setting of a story

5)      Read with fluency and expression

6)      Read and write short and long vowels

7)      Use nouns, verbs, and adjectives in writing

8)      Use, write, and identify rhyming words

9)      Identify the parts of a book

10)   Follow three step directions


Below are the top 10 things that our third grade teachers expect their students to know when they enter their class...


1)      Place Value

2)      Basic Addition and Subtraction Facts to 18

3)      Tell Time to the Hour and Half Hour.

4)      Identify Coins and Count Money

5)      Recognize/Identify Math Vocabulary

6)      Skip Counting

7)      Graphing

8)      Rounding to the Nearest 10

9)      Write Fractions Based on Pictures

10)   Recognize/Identify Shapes and Properties

Language Arts:

1)      Write a Summary of a Story

2)      Recognize/Identify Story Elements

3)      Research and Use Information to Answer Academic Questions

4)      Properly Write a Paragraph/Use Complete Sentences

5)      Properly Format and Write a Friendly Letter

6)      Recognize/Identify the Components of the Writing Process

7)      Identify/State Main Idea and Detail in Fiction and Nonfiction Text

8)      Make Inferences

9)      Draw Conclusions

10)   Recognize/Identify Parts of Speech




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