Mrs. Rachel Ferreiro
Roger D. Gehring Elementary School
1155 E. Richmar
Las Vegas, NV 89123
(702) 799-6899
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Barn Owl Pellets

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Today we studied Barn Owl pellets.  The students got into partners and took toothpicks and gently picked through their pellets.  You could hear the Ooooohs, Ahhhhhhhhs, EWWWWW GROSS, COOL, I DON'T LIKE THIS, and I HAVE TO RUN TO THE BATHROOM (to throw up)!  It was a mixture of excitement and curiosity.  It brought me back to the time I did this in school and I jumped in and scraped through some bones.  It was so cool!  This week the students will be able to compare and contrast human bones and animal bones with a Double Bubble Thinking Map!