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Decorah Eagles

After the Fund Run we had today, we were melting. Our teacher had showed us a website that had Decorah Eagles. The website was a live camera that was showing a eagle's nest. You can get a chance to see the eagles, see them lay eggs, and watch the eggs hatch.

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Best Day Ever!!!

Today we did a math test on frractions and desimals. It was after the fun run. I am pretty sure I got a good grade on the test. It was fun, we got to make number lines. We also did a fun run. Almost everyone in our class ran at least 35 laps. I ran 51laps.

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Fund Run Friday

Today was incredible!  Our school participated in a fun run to raise money!  The money that we raise will go to adding more computers to the classrooms.  I love computers cool.  I really like to use my computer to play STMATH or

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January 2016

January 2016 was a great month.  We learned all about how a circuit works.  Energy is an amazing thing!

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Nevada Scavenger Hunt

We learned about the Fly Geyser in Nevada! A man named Todd Jaksick owns a ranch with the Fly Geyser in it! He'll only let you see it if he says you can. It's only 5 feet tall!


-Emmanuel F.

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Animals have a lot of the same bones as humans.

                                                                ---Kiara A.

Bones help you move around.

                                              ---Leila L.

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Welcome to 4th Grade

We are in the 4th week of school and it feels like the 40th!  Everyone is doing very well!

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9-1-2011 First Day of September

Another great day!  We are still settling into our routine.  Ms. Carey assessed the students on some of their math skills to get an idea of what she and I need to work on with them.

We finished our "Classroom Code of Conduct Book."  We illustrated it as a class.  We also started our Bio Poem.  Hopefully we can get it finished tomorrow so we can get them up on the bulletin board out in the hallway. Once we have them up, we will take a picture and post it.

Since tomorrow is Friday, wear your Be Kind shirts if you have one!

Love through education,

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8-31-11 Third Day of School

Today was another full day!  The students were introduced to Mountain Language.  It is a language skill program that they will do every morning when they get to school.  Some of the skills we talked about were prefixes and suffixes along with compund words.  It is a great program that the students will do every week practicing the various language skills they need to master by the end of 2nd grade.  We moved desks into groups of 4.  So far so good.  I am sure we will change that a thousand times throughout the year!


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