Mrs. Rachel Ferreiro
Roger D. Gehring Elementary School
1155 E. Richmar
Las Vegas, NV 89123
(702) 799-6899
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Today was the FUN RUN! My name is Matthew and i ran 55 lapswinkwinkwink. My friend Issac ran 51 laps! It was so fun almost everyone ran 35 laps ÖÖÖ! The funny thing is almost every lap i ran i had to tie my shoes. the worst part of the day is when we came back from the fun run because we were tired and sweaty. also the MATH TEST. i hate test because they are really boringangryangryangry. The math test was about converting fractions to decimals. when we came back from the fun run we got to watch the dechorah eagles. the mother is going to have the babies any minute now