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9-6-2011 2nd Week of School

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As we embark on the second week of school just a few notes...

Homework packets went home today along with Math Homework Workbooks.  The math must be brought to school everyday for review.  The packet is due on Friday, completed with a parent signature on the reading log.  Since it is a short week, the reading log for Monday can include something they read over the weekend.  Please encourage your child to write a summary of what they read, stressing the importance of using complete, legible sentences.

Some may notice handwriting practice going home or practice that isn't included on the homework packet.  We are going to try and differentiate the homework to meet each child's needs as we do in the classroom.

Thank you to the few that have donated $3 for our subscription to National Geographic for Children.  If your child pays, they get to take the magazine home.

Although it is the 2nd week of school, we are diving into the curriculum.  Please send your child to school on time and having eaten breakfast.  School breakfast is $1.25 and it is actually good, in fact I ate it today because I was running late.  You can also send them with a snack to eat at our 10 am(ish) recess.  I have noticed that the students are having trouble concentrating and are complaining about being hungry.  We have many important items to learn and it is difficult for them with an empty belly.

This week our behavior plan begins, so students may be put on the wall or have to move their clips (if they move to red, a red letter will be sent home for a parent to sign).  Last week was practice!

Student bloggers will begin to blog once I have gone through the release forms and designated who is allowed. So for now, it is Ms. Carey and myself.

Roger Gehring ES will not be having an open house this year.  Instead we will be having Academic Affair in November.  More info to follow.

That is all for now!

Mrs. Ferreiro