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Mix 94.1 Helping At Risk Schools 9-19-2011

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The radio station Mix 94.1 has put together an event at 4 valley Targets (one is the Target next to our school on Eastern and Silverado Ranch) to help collect items for schools that have students that need basic items to live and survive.  We have a few kiddos at our school that would benefit from donations.  The ultimate goal is to get businesses to adopt schools that are in desperate need.  Please take a look at this link for more information or contact me and I can give you as much info as I can.

The fire got started when Whitney Elementary School on Boulder Highway and Tropicana made it to The Ellen Show and Target donated $100,000 to them.

I know as a teacher when I have a student in my class that needs soap or a toothbrush I send them to the nurse and then end up at the store buying that child what they need with my own money.  I give it to the nurse and the student never has to know where it came from so they don't feel uncomfortable. I had a little boy who was a foster kid a few years ago and all he said he wanted for his birthday was a remote control car.  I wrapped one up and the Vice Principal gave it to him and he never knew it was from me. 

During my first practicum I was at a Title 1 school and there was a boy with shoes that had no soles.  I was tricky in asking how big his feet were because he looked like his feet were basketball player feet.  I told my mother the story and she anonymously dropped off a pair of brand new shoes at the office for him.  No one knew who she was and he had no clue but was so happy to have new shoes.

With our economy downslide, the children are suffering.  If you would like to help, contact our school 799-6899 directly or stop by the Mix 94.1 event 9-19-2011 7a-9am.