Mrs. Rachel Ferreiro
Roger D. Gehring Elementary School
1155 E. Richmar
Las Vegas, NV 89123
(702) 799-6899
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My story about the Fund Run!

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Hello internet, my names Mirza. This is my story about the 2015-2016 fun run for Gehring Elementry! I hope you think this is interesting. First we got out on the warm sunny day of February 26. There were other teams of classes there too. Our team was Fear the Ferreiros. It's based off the walking dead as our teacher loves it. So when one of the Fun Run guys signaled that we started running.

I ran my first 5 laps. Sweating I went to get a drink. They told me, "Grab some water and go, kid." so thats exactly what I did but then I spilled water on my face drnking it. But I kept running! I ran past one of my friends, his name was Christopher but we called him Topher. laugh So then I ran more and more. You could say it was fun! the music happy was playing as I sang along!

Well thats my version of the Fun Run day!  -Mirza Z. yes