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8-30-2011 Second Day of School

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Today was AWESOME!  We had three more students join our class, including our little guy who broke his arm over the weekend in two places and had to have surgery.  We worked on math facts and the students enjoyed playing "Around the World" flash card game.

We practiced what to do in case of a fire drill/emergency before we read the story "New School, New Friends" and "Jag".  We made text (book) connections to our self and to other texts.  It was a little sad that when I mentioned text connections, the students thought they were going to text message on cell phones. frown  That just goes to show how we need to keep up with the technology, even in education. 

I have researched that some teachers of higher grade levels and professors require their students to have "Twitter" accounts as means to communicate and answer questions.

We also talked about writing complete sentences so they could complete a book about themselves.  We really need to work on capital letters, spelling our best, and end punctuation.

Tomorrow will be another excellent day!


Mrs. Ferreiro