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8-31-11 Third Day of School

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Today was another full day!  The students were introduced to Mountain Language.  It is a language skill program that they will do every morning when they get to school.  Some of the skills we talked about were prefixes and suffixes along with compund words.  It is a great program that the students will do every week practicing the various language skills they need to master by the end of 2nd grade.  We moved desks into groups of 4.  So far so good.  I am sure we will change that a thousand times throughout the year!

Your child should have brought home a "Character Connection" worksheet we did to go along with "New School, New Friends" that we are reading this week.

I would like to thank the parents that donated $3 for the National Geographic subscription for our class.  It is a 2nd grade version that we will receive monthly.  The students that pay the $3 will be able to take the magazines home throughout the year.  If you are unable to pay, please don't worry, your child will still be exposed to the magazine.

Thank you for returning the mountains of paperwork that we have been requesting.  Please note that the media release paperwork is very important. As the yearbook advisor, if you mark any of the first 3 boxes, your child will not be permitted to be in the yearbook or class pictures in the spring.  The very last box is important too. If you click no, your child can not be a blogger on this websitte or we can not use their picture in video we take of lessons we do. If you have any questions about that paperwork, the office can explain it to you or you can contact me!  The paperwork can be confusing! indecision

Remember to click on the CONTACT MRS. FERREIRO link if you ever need anything.

Love through education,

Mrs. Ferreiro