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Parental Internet Control

We are all busy parents and wish we had the time and patience to sit with our child every time they go online.  We want them to get the best out of their internet experience.  There are ways to monitor your child while they are on the internet.  Another issue we have (for the little ones) is that they need help spelling everything.  A helpful hint is to add their allowed sites to the "Favorites" button on the tool bar.  The "Favorites" button is a star and when it is clicked or selected the list of sites will appear and your child can select the desired site.  Any site we send home from school with passwords have been rigorously tested to be safe for your child.

Here are a few websites that I have come across that may help:

***Please note that I am in no way endorsing these sites, simply suggesting them.  I am in no way associated with them or responsible for their product.  Some are free, or have free trials.  I would recommend researching them further if you plan on installing them on your computers at home.  I would appreciate feedback if you do decide to use any of these.