Mrs. Rachel Ferreiro
Roger D. Gehring Elementary School
1155 E. Richmar
Las Vegas, NV 89123
(702) 799-6899
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Professional Resume


Professional Objective:

To obtain a teaching position in an elementary classroom where I can facilitate learning, gain a variety of educational experiences, and offer a positive and creative learning environment.

Educational Background:

  University of Nevada Las Vegas
  Bachelor of Arts
  Elementary Education
  Graduation Date: August 2005    GPA: 3.22
  Dean’s Honor List 2004-2005

Teaching Experience:

Teacher:  Roger Gehring Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV, 4th grade (August 2012-Present)

Teacher:  Roger Gehring Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV, 2nd grade (August 2008-June 2012)

Personal Leave of Absence 2007-2008

Teacher:  Tony Alamo Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV, 2nd grade (August 2005-August 2007)  

Student Teaching:  Lorna Kesterson Elementary School, Henderson, NV, 3rd grade (Summer 2005)

Guest Teacher:  Tony Alamo Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV, All Grades, Special Education, Humanities   (August 2004-May 2005)  

Practicum II:  John C. Bass Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV, 2nd grade (Fall 2004)

Practicum I:  Manuel J. Cortez Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV, 4th  grade (Summer 2004)


Curriculum Cadre Co-Chair, 2015-Present

Grade Level Chair, 2013-2015

Yearbook, 2009-Present

School Improvement Committee, 2008-2015:  Work collaboratively with administration and peer teachers to develop a school wide improvement plan to focus on student achievement.

Student Intervention Team C.A.R.E., 2008-2010:  Work collaboratively with literacy specialist, school psychologist, administration, and peer teachers to strategize ways to differentiate instruction for special needs students.

ISP (Inclusive School’s Project), 2005-2007:  Work collaboratively with special education teachers and assistants to include special education students in the general education classroom and provide appropriate differentiated instruction. 

PTA, 2005-present

Assessment, 2005-2007:  Work collaboratively with administrators and teachers from all grade levels to discuss and decide school-wide student assessments. 
TeachFirst, 2006-2007:  Attended district meetings to facilitate a school wide professional learning community

Educational Development

Text Exemplars (Summer 2015)

Kagan Cooperative Learning (Winter 2015)

CORE Collaborative Reading Academy (Winter 2014)

AIMSWeb Progress Monitoring & Data Analysis (Spring 2013)

Advancing Differentiation (Winter 2012)

Launch Into Teaching! (Summer 2012)

Thinking Maps (Summer 2012)

CHAMPS Behavior Management (Winter 2012)

CPI Certified (Fall 2011)

UNLV Mentor (Fall 2011-Spring 2013)

Being A Writer (2010-2015)   

Lucy Calkins Writing Workshop (Summer 2007)

Investigations (Winter 2006)

Utilizing Bloom’s Taxonomy & Gardner’s Learning Styles in Order to Differentiate Instruction (Summer 2006)

State Writing Assessment (Fall 2005)

Word Wall Training (Spring 2005) 

***References available upon request